Teaching Lessons on Steroids

Sheri Jacobs
3 min readAug 15, 2022

Project-based (and FUN) lesson plans for everyone in the classroom

Creative lesson plans that address multiple learning areas for teachers.
Imagine: Lesson plans that both the students and you enjoy! (Image on Canva)

Whether you are an ESL or ELA teacher, those four domains of Language Acquisition are the cornerstone of students’ success:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking
  • listening

The Question

The question that often gets teachers’ minds churning:

How the heck am I meant to create engaging material that covers all I need to cover in one academic year??

Double Dipping

The answer: double dip. We think of double dibbing as a bad thing — taking our spoon and dipping it another’s ice cream dish.

But double dipping with curriculum is a wonderful and welcome action. Bonus: no germs spread;-)

The Set Up

Some teachers set up their course work into themes predicated on time:

  • 6 week thematic sessions
  • quarterly thematic sessions
  • biannual thematic sessions

Once you decide upon the time set up and what themes are within it, you’re ready to embark on the Double Dipping lesson planning.

Modeling a Double Dip

Deep breaths. I’m right here with you. We teachers know how important it is to model. I’ve got your figurative back:-)

For the purposes of this model, I’ll use the following set up:

Time: 6 weeks

Theme: The Personal Narrative

Double Dip: Presentation of ____________________

Unearthing the Double Dip



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