Well hello there, Fellow Writers and Creators! I love to know the why behind the things we humans do. The genre is less important to me than the substance: What makes two people react to the same situation so differently? Why are we in this Earth School? Where does the dance between friendship and romance begin? Where are we going as individuals, a society, a planet? What is reality and what is perceived reality (and is there really a difference?)Author of The Friendship Diet and Dream Write.

I'm the Education Manager for the amazing non-profit literacy, iWRITE, inspiring kids to write their story.

Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to reading your work and sharing this fun journey with you:-)

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Sheri Jacobs

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Author, Educator, Actor www.sheri-jacobs.com Author of children’s book DREAM WRITE (pen name, Kiss) and the non-fiction book, THE FRIENDSHIP DIET. VO/film actor